Hey there, you wonderful people! So, community land sale, eh? You’ve been very patient with us, so in this blog post, we’re opening the floodgates. Below you’ll find out how to check whether you’ve qualified, what the land purchasing process is like and what additional goodies you get out of the whole deal. Let’s dive in!

Community Land Sale — The Finish Line

In our land sale update, we laid out the foundation on how we’re going to approach allotting land to the most deserving entries. And the philosophy behind the process hasn’t changed. As a refresher — since we had such a staggering amount of submissions…

The Thanabus Cup is THE Ember Sword event of the year. It pits the four nations of Thanabus against each other for a large 10-week digital challenge that runs twice per year on the Ember Sword Discord server, drawing in thousands of community members.[;p

Whether you’re considering participating in the hopes to grab one of the prizes, or this is your first time hearing about the Cup, this post serves as a general introduction to all-things Thanabus Cup. This is made all the more relevant by the second Thanabus Cup on the horizon (more on that soon!).

The winning nation…

We’re innovators here at Bright Star Studios. That goes without saying if you know anything about Ember Sword. In the spirit of that, this blog post is a break in our traditional format. We plucked our Executive Producer Loren and our Project Manager Allan away from their busy schedules to interview them about the process of producing Ember Sword. This blog sheds light on some of our chief development practices, habits and working structure. It also borrows some quotes from the two interview participants, as rephrasing wouldn’t do much justice to some of their unique views on game production. …

Well, here we are with only a few days to go. The community land sale has surpassed all of our wildest expectations and it’s all thanks to you guys’ excitement! We have received an immense amount of submissions. So many, in fact, that it necessitates some changes to our timeline. Don’t worry, we’re going to outline everything in this blog post, alongside a couple of surprises to show our appreciation. Let’s get into it!

Amazing, Crazy Demand

First and foremost, we are once again blown away by the amount of applications we have received. As of this blog post, the total number of…

You guys have been clamoring for info on just how we envision Ember Sword development going forward. Fear not! Over the next couple of weeks, we have some blog posts and podcasts planned that delve into different aspects of creating the game. This is the first of those — a look into how we plan on incorporating our community into the dev cycle. To explain our approach, we must first take a little stroll down memory lane.

Cautionary tales

Remember Diablo III?

After reading that some of you went:

“Oh yeah, I had a lot of fun with Diablo III”

Or maybe:

This new blog post series aims to highlight some of the most active and prominent members of the Ember Sword community. Want a chance to be highlighted? Be an active part of the Discord community, participate in events like the Thanabus Cup, and help others in the community.

“Bihzy” has joined the party

Bihzy has been an active member of the Ember Sword community since February 2021. In a few short months, he has participated in and won one of the Thanabus Cup challenges, has created multiple pieces of fan-art, and has been a familiar face on the Ember Sword Discord server where he has…

You read that title right — we are doing a community land sale! What is a community land sale, you ask? Fret not! This blog post will go into a bit more detail about what the sale is, who it’s for and how to participate.

Before we get into that, we wanted to address the purchases made off-site during the previous Solarwood land sale. The community land sale is, in part, a direct response to people missing out on land due to these and other issues during the first sale. We realized that nullifying all purchases not made through our…

Blockchain is a pretty complex thing. The process of acquiring crypto currency can be very tough to navigate. With that in mind, we figured creating a guide on how to acquire the currency needed to buy land would be very much welcome. So, let’s get started!

The community land sale will be done in USDC on the Polygon network (formerly Matic). They will be referred to as “Polygon” and “Polygon network” in this article, but it should be noted that a lot of the processes relevant to the land sale still bear the name “Matic”. …

On May 27th 2021, we held our first land sale, and it was a bumpy ride. Technical issues arose, which made continuing it harder, and we had to abolish the parcel system mid-land sale.

First off we would like to apologize to everyone affected by these issues, although not all of them were within our control, some certainly were. We take responsibility for those issues and will be making sure to solve them, as well as working with our partners to make sure that the issues that were outside of our control are dealt with in future sales as well.

EA and Star Wars alumni, Breen’s arrival comes a week after the game’s first virtual land sale that saw network servers deal with record-high workloads during the sell-out event

AARHUS, Denmark — June 7th, 2021 — Danish game developer Bright Star Studios is honoured to announce that videogame veteran Randy Breen has joined the Ember Sword development team as an advisor. With over 18 years of industry experience at Electronic Arts and LucasArts, Breen will help the Bright Star Studios team deliver on its vision of creating an immersive MMORPG with a true play-to-earn economy. Breen’s appointment forms part of…

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